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It is with great sadness that I must announce that Chunky passed away yesterday morning at 5:30am of a brain lesion. He was almost 10 years old. He became symptomatic Thursday morning at 3:30 with seizures and hyperactive barking in his crate. Linda woke up and had to drag him out thinking he just had to go out badly. He had trouble walking as his back legs were not working well so she woke me up to help. We monitored him during the day but he was not getting any better so we took him to the vet at 6:00pm. After some blood work that showed nothing unusual (no bacterial/viral indications), he was given an IV for hydration and Valium to help with the seizures. We took him home and made him comfortable. Then yesterday morning when I checked on him at 5:30, he was still breathing but died while I was petting him. He waited for me to say goodbye. We will all really miss him.
He will be cremated and the ashes will be spread at his favorite places like the lake and nearby park.
Rest in Peace, wonderful friend, great companion. he was the BEST!

John or Linda or 786-436-1657 or here on our Facebook page.

Welcome to Lighthouse Labradors, a kennel located in South Florida, specializing in breeding Chocolate Labrador Retriever Puppies for sale for family companionship, service dogs, and working retrievers. We have had a lifetime of experience raising, training and enjoying these wonderful Chocolate Labrador Retrievers. Our primary genetics are from Stargate Kennels, an outstanding genetic line, and with our love of these beautiful, loyal, intelligent and athletic companions we are confident that we can offer genetically sound, highly trainable, loving, loyal and well socialized Chocolate Lab puppies, bred for family companionship with a deeply ingrained ancestral instinct for the retrieve. If you would like a Chocolate Lab Puppy, we'd be pleased to talk with you on the phone or via email to see if we might have one that meets your needs.

Many of our puppies find homes here in the Miami area, but more often than not their new families are scattered all across the country. While most breeders must ship their puppies locked up in a box in the baggage hold of a jumbo jet, for most of our travelling puppies delivery is now done by hand carrying the puppy on board the plane by Delta retirees and delivering it into the arms of the new owners at the end of the concourse.  Note that many of our puppies get upgraded to first class and some have ridden in the cockpit on their way to new homes.  Can't get much better care than that!!

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